Forest Ownership, Tenure, and Social Systems

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Forest Ownership, Tenure, and Social Systems:

Current Section Links:

Paper/Subject                            Contributor/Author
Community-based Management                            Jill Belsky and Victoria Sturtevant
Conservation Easements                            Chris Zinkhan
Human Values Associated with Forests                            Lorraine Lavallee
Indigenous/Native Tribes: Owners and Rights, USA                            Michael J. Dockry and Holly YoungBear-Tibbetts
Indigenous Peoples, Lands, Forests, and Tenure Policies in South America                            Marcus Colchester
Industrial Timberland Ownership                            Brooks C. Mendell
Migrant Workers                            James V. Hamilton

Entries in Preparation
Paper/Subject                   Contributor/Author
Nonindustrial Private Forests                   Keith Argow
Forest Degradation                   Erich Schaitza
Rural Community Development                   Robert Lee
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