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Society of American Foresters                                                                               International Society of Tropical Foresters

Forest Management:

Current Section Links:

Paper/Subject                                                               Contributor/Author
Adaptive Management                            Glenn Galloway
Agroforestry                            P.K. Ramachandran Nair and Andrew Gordon
Allowable Cut and Allowable Cut Effect                            Joseph Roise
Ecosystem Management                            Chad Oliver
Effects of Forest Management on Wildlife                            Chris Moorman
Exotic Forest Plantations                            Jesús Espinoza and Ronalds Gonzalez
Financial Analysis                            Larry Teeter
Forest Economics                            Janaki Alavalapati
Forest Roads                            Patricio Mac Donagh
Forest Valuation and the Net Present Value Concept                            Gullermo Navaro
Hardwood Management: Stand Improvement Cutting                            Douglas Frederick and Pablo Donoso
Harvest Scheduling                            Joseph Roise
Harvesting Wood in Brazil                            Jorge, Ricardo, & Rafael Malinovski
Integrated Pest Management                            Fred Hain
Silvopastoral Systems in Latin America                            Gustavo Ferreira
Tropical Natural Forest Management                            Francis E. Putz
Water Quality                            George Ice
Water Quantity                            Ken Brooks
Wildfire                            John Stanturf
Wildlife Management                            Mike Mengak

Entries in Preparation

Paper/Subject                   Contributor/Author
Forest Management Plans                   Norm Johnson
Landscape Management                   JJ Campos
Land Conversion, Developing Countries                   Michelle Zweede
Biological Pest Control                   Edson Tadeu Lede
Sustainable Forestry                   Roger Villalobos
Nontraditional Timber Species                   Roger Vilalobos
Economic Development                   Karen Lee Abt
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