Forest Policies and Administration

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Society of American Foresters                                                                               International Society of Tropical Foresters

Forest Policies and Administration:

Current Section Links:

Paper/Subject                            Contributor/Author
American Forest Congresses                            William Bentley
Best Management Practices                            Michael Kilgore
Cerflor: Brazilian National Forest Certification Progam                            Peter H. May
Extension Education                            Scott Reed and Viviane Simon-Brown
FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization                            Jim Carle
Foreign Direct Investment                            Susanna Laaksonen-Craig
Forest Certification                            Frederick Cubbage
Forest Ethics                            Olli Saastamoinen
Forest Policy                            Donald Floyd
Forest Sustainability in the United States                            John Fedkiw
Forestry Accreditation                            Terry Clark
Forestry Incentives                            Lloyd Irland
Income Taxes                            Deborah Gaddis
International Banks                            José Rente Nascimiento
Land Development and Conversion: Developed Countries                            Ralph Alig
Payments for Environmental Services                            Rodrigo Arriagada and Edgar Ortiz
Peru-Amazon Forest Policy                            Carlos Soria
Property Tax                            Clifford Hickman and John Greene
Public Relations and Environmental Education                            Deborah Gangloff
Sustainable Forestry Initiative                            Kathy Abusow and Rick Cantrell
United Nations                            D.R. Humphreys

Entries in Preparation
Paper/Subject                   Contributor/Author
Public Participation and Decision-Making                   Margaret Shannon
Forest Law                   Robert Malmsheimer
Budgeting and Finance                   Lenise Lago
International Sustainable Forest Management                   Richard Guldin
Professional Associations                   Michael Goergen
Forest Industry Associations                   John Heissenbuttel
Trade Treaties and Organizations                   Rob Hendricks
Value and Supply Chains                   Dietmar Stoian
Livelihood Theory                   Dietmar Stoian
Forest Concessions - Guatemala, Bolivia, Peru                   Bastiaan Louman and Fernando Carrera
Model Forests in Latin America                   Olga Corrales
Forest, Wildlife, and Natural Resource Professionals                   Michael Goergen
Forest Law Enforcement                   Laura Mark
International Trade                   Luiz Carlos Estraviz Rodriguez
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