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Society of American Foresters                                                                               International Society of Tropical Foresters

Countries and Regions:

Current Section Links:

Paper/Subject                            Contributor/Author
Forests in the Americas: An Overview                            Frederick Cubbage, Kathleen McGinley, and Ramya Mohan
Argentina                            Patricio MacDonagh
Argentina: Development of Forestry and Plantations                            Hugo Fassola
Bolivia                            Marielos Peña-Claros and Michael J. Dockry
Bolivia (Spanish version)                            Marielos Peña-Claros and Michael J. Dockry
Brazil                            Joesio Deoclecio Pieren Siqueira, Mara Freire Rodrigues Souza, and Penno Saraiva
Brazilian Amazon                            A. Veríssimo and M. Lentini
Canada: Quebec                            Yves Claveau, Christian Messier, and Julie Poulin
Caribbean                            Kathleen McGinley
Chile: Forest Resources Overview                            Miguel Espinosa and Eduardo Acuña
Chile: Forest Species and Stand Types                            Pablo J. Donoso and Claudio Donoso
Costa Rica:                            Róger Villalobos, David Quirós
Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua                            Glenn Galloway
Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana                            Bastiaan Louman
Mexico                            Heather Huppe
Paraguay                            Gregory Frey and Victor Vidal
Peru                            Bastiaan Louman
Puerto Rico                            Ariel L. Lugo
United States                            David Darr and W. Brad Smith
United States Northeast                            Perry M. Hagenstein
United States Pacific Northwest                            Hal Salwasser
United States Southwest                            Marlin Johnson
Uruguay                            Zohra Bennadji
Venezuela                            Armando Torres-Lezama

Entries in Preparation:

Region/Country                   Contributor/Author
USA North Central                   Karen Potter Witter
Bolivia                   Marelos Pena and Michael Dockry
Colombia                   Jose Romero
Oceania                   Chris Goulding
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